How Small Mission Driven Companies Are Fighting COVID19

How Small Mission Driven Companies Are Fighting COVID19

In the face of a global crisis, mission-driven businesses are finding new ways to prove that they can make a positive impact in the world. Our partners are always making an environmental impact with their products, but we've been so inspired by the ways they've stepped up during COVID19. From making masks to providing free online therapy services, our partners are focusing their efforts on helping humanity during these difficult times. Here are some ways our amazing impact partners are making a difference: 


Photo by Soapbox on April 02, 2020. Image may contain: possible text that says '1,700,000+ DONATED BARS Together we can fight the Coronavirus we THIS IS WHO WE ARE THIS IS OUR MISSION Sb SOAPBOX'  Photo by Soapbox on January 10, 2020.


To respond to COVID-19 and the flu, Soapbox, a company whose mission is to empower people to change the world through everyday, quality purchases, has recently donated 1,700,000+ soap bars to homeless centers and food pantries across the USA. Soapbox believes that everyone’s first line of defense is keeping your hands clean, which is why they are working to make this available to everyone. They also expanded their offering to include much sought after hand sanitizer, which is now available for purchase.  



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Headbands of Hope

Due to the high demand in the healthcare industry, Headbands of Hope has decided to halt the production of headbands and instead manufacture 50,000 surgical masks for hospitals in need across the nation. From now until further notice, one item purchased equals one mask for a healthcare professional.



Last year we made a commitment to become climate neutral by 2030.  We decided that we couldn’t wait that long and are very proud to announce that we are now Climate Neutral Certified.  We are so very grateful to be in the company of other amazing brands @beclimateneutral 🎉🎉🎉🌎🌍🌏  Another crazy day.... today we shipped medical accessories to Florida, North/South California and dropped off for us in our local ERs.  What a crazy day, but grateful to play a small part. #dogood #bcorp #pencilswithpurpose #utahbcorp

The Good Pencil Company

For the month of March and April, The Good Pencil Company is going to be donating profits from their business to support local businesses hard hit in Utah.  By purchasing their #OneUtah pack of pencils you are supporting the fight against coronavirus.  


Thank you! Because of your purchases throughout our Americares initiative and amazing people in communities around the US frontline medical workers, and our very own Desmond, are beginning to get the equipment they need. Photo by Starfish Project on May 04, 2020.

Starfish Project

The Starfish Project is donating 30% of all their sales to Americare,  an organization getting medical supplies to frontline workers. The remaining sales will continue their mission to support women escaping exploitation in Asia.


Photo by Thoughtful Human® on April 02, 2020.   🚨NEW🚨 our second Quarantine Support Bundle has been curated to help you show up and encourage those you love who may be facing some particularly challenging circumstances right now. now available at 📍 — direct link in bio!
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Thoughtful Human

This company exists to help people find honest ways to communicate in dynamic relationships and challenging circumstances like these. To respond to COVID-19, Thoughtful Human is offering tools, resources, and products specifically designed to help its customers combat these difficult and unprecedented times. With free community connection signs to lift someone else’s spirit, free therapy, quarantine support bundles to help you show your support at a distance, and free recovery cards, Thoughtful Human is committed to help you and your family feel supported during quarantine. 


What a week!

Just when we thought things would be slowing to a halt, we have joined an army of independent tailors and small workshops throughout Haiti that are making masks to supply hospitals and clinics throughout the country!

With the borders closed and the factories shut down, a consortium of NGOs and Haitian owned businesses have come together to meet the need. It is really beautiful to me!

Our sewing team gladly came back to work and began to fill the first order of samples that Erick and Val delivered on Friday. Yeah, they kind of look like batik masked gangsters in this photo!

I am in awe of how hard everyone is working to make this happen. I’ve been on calls with hospital directors that have over 100 hospitals/ clinics across the country and the need is so great! Our team has worked from can to can’t for the past 6 days!
I told Valery you guys should clap loudly when they head out today. They are the heroes of this story!

We are taking donations for those that want to help with this effort. Every single dollar will help us keep everyone paid and the generator running! AND! WE JUST GOT WORD THAT EVERY DONATION WILL BE MATCHED! Halla!!! (Link in bio to donate) 
P S We’re going to move operations up into the auditorium on Monday where we have big tables, lots of light and everyone can spread out! Isn’t that great that we have that space to use for such a time as this!! All the love, brave ones!

#thisishaiti #ayiticherie #beautifultome   Photo by 2nd Story Goods on May 03, 2020.

2nd Story Goods

After ports closed and factories shut down, it became clear for this organization that small workshops like theirs and other independent sewing rooms would need to step up and meet the demand for masks at local clinics and the population in general in order to slow the spread of coronavirus. As a result, 2nd Story Goods introduced “The Mask Making Project” which was designed to work with the local economy of Gonaives, Haiti. Through this project, they have been able to pay tailors their living wage and get the mask price down to where people in the city can purchase them for their clinics and families.


They're Back: Salvaged Hemp Blend Face Masks! Made using deadstock fabric from our primary apparel factory. Crafted to CDC Specifications for Non-Medical Face Coverings. Double-layered with space for a filter. For every mask purchased, we’ll be donating 1 mask to @Chosen_300 to help protect our local Philadelphia homeless community. Tap the link in our bio to shop masks. Stay safe out there, and take care of each other 💙   Photo by United By Blue on April 30, 2020. Image may contain: shoes

United by Blue

With their #IStandWithSmall campaign, United by Blue is partnering with someone nobody would have ever imagined: their competitors. Today, companies like Altar’d State, Nisolo, and Synergy are banding together in support of each other to prove one thing: that businesses can do great things for the world.

With this powerful campaign, United by Blue aims to support small, mission-driven brands to keep making the world better, together. 



Photo by RoHo on May 05, 2020.     International Women's Day cannot arrive sooner! We cannot wait to share with you our Amboseli line! Only three more days.... #countdown 


Kenyan artisans from RoHo are in jeopardy, not only from COVID-19 but also due to food insecurity in Kenya as a result of the virus and locust plague. From now until the end of April, every dollar spent on their website will translate into a meal for vulnerable artisans and their families. If you spend $10, they give 10 meals.


Aren't they amazing?! Through the help of our partners, Simple Switch strives to empower change around the world. Since low-income communities are the most vulnerable to both the health and economic consequences of the pandemic, mission-driven businesses’ like our partners play a pivotal role in keeping workforces safe and secure. Simple Switch is so thankful to serve as a bridge between conscious consumers like you, looking to make an impact through their purchases while staying home, and mission-driven businesses directly providing social and environmental change. 


We know everyone is being affected in this new and challenging time. While you help slow the spread by staying home, we are offering #TheStayHomeSale featuring our best quarantine essentials. Take 15% off things you really need like pantry essentials, hand sanitizer, masks,  cards for isolated loved ones and more.