Gobena Coffee

Why your switch to Gobena Coffee matters...

Your purchase of Gobena Coffee goes far beyond a great cup of coffee. Gobena Coffee is dedicated to the ethical sourcing of its coffee. They work with farmers to ensure the coffee beans they use are grown sustainably. Gobena Coffee also makes sure to pay fair wages for the coffee beans they use and many of their products are certified fair trade. When you buy Gobena Coffee, you are also supporting artisan coffee bean farmers throughout the world.

Gobena Coffee then invests 100% of the profits they make into the lives of orphans through Lifesong for Orphans. Your purchase of Gobena Coffee, therefore, supports children across the globe in orphan care, foster care, and helps to connect families and children to adoption services.

Your Simple Switch to Gobena Coffee is a switch for sustainability, a switch to provide opportunities to children, and a switch for fair wages.