Green Banana Paper

Why your Simple Switch to Green Banana Paper Matters
You will love Green Banana Paper’s simple but beautiful designed wallets. The art on Green Banana Paper Products is fun and vibrant and the wallets are sleek and fit easily into pockets and purses. The all-natural materials that go into Green Banana Paper products are durable but are also biodegradable down the line! Check out all of their amazing designs within each product page.
Your Simple Switch to Green Banana Paper has both environmental and social impacts as well. Their products are made with banana tree waste and Green Banana Paper has recycled hundreds of thousands of pounds of banana trees so far. They use collected rainwater through greywater system for all water needs, keep their products bleach free, and they reuse excess waste material for soil and composting. That is just the environmental side of things!
Your Simple Switch also has a social impact. Green Banana Paper employs local farmers in Micronesia to help them earn extra income from banana trees that would otherwise go to waste. Green Banana Paper focuses on community and tradition and makes sure they treat their artisans ethically.
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