Why your Simple Switch to Jelt matters… 

Jelt is one of those companies that will leave you in awe of how many positive impacts can come from one purchase. You will love Jelt’s tees, hoodies, hats, and of course, the belts that they are known for creating. Their unique style speaks for itself in the wide variety of products we have listed on Simple Switch. 

The impact and mission of Jelt begins with sourcing. Jelt belts are made of recycled plastic bottles, an amazing reuse of materials that otherwise clog landfills and escape into nature. Women in prisons and rural communities in Montana then craft Jelt goods, offering them an opportunity to build skills and pursue better lives. Finally, every year Jelt takes significant portions of the profits they generate and allocates funds for charities serving veterans, children, and addressing environmental issues.

A Simple Switch to Jelt is a switch toward sustainability, women’s empowerment, veterans, and opportunities for children.

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