Pact Apparel

Why your Simple Switch to Pact Apparel matters…
Conscious consumers in search of comfortable and fashionable clothing, look no further! Pact Apparel has a large inventory of clothing that is a Simple Switch away from much of the fashion industries’ strain on the environment and human labor. Pact Apparel offers everything from socks on up to hoodies and you can rest easy knowing your purchase from them doesn’t stop at the clothing you’ll receive in the mail.
Pact Apparel only sources 100% organic cotton. The materials they use in dyes and production are eco-friendly and without many of the toxins you’ll find in some mainstream brands. Pact Apparel also invests in the people who make their products. Whether you’re buying a shirt or leggings from Pact Apparel, your product is fair trade certified.
Your Simple Switch to Pact Apparel is a switch to protect the environment and a switch to fair trade.
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