Proof Eyewear

Why your Simple Switch to Proof Eyewear matters…

Scroll down through Proof Eyewear’s selection on Simple Switch and we will be surprised if you do not want to walk away with one of their products. The frames and sunglasses they offer are stylish and trend setting. The wooden wallets and pocketknives are beautiful and sleek. Proof was born out of craftsmanship and that still holds true today.

Proof Eyewear does not stop at craftsmanship. Around 10% of every purchase goes to a positive cause through Proof’s “Do Good” campaign. They’ve sent funds around the world to support health and vision, education, environmental, and empowerment projects. On top of that, Proof Eyewear takes care to ethically source materials including upcycling skateboard decks, recycling aluminum, and sourcing wood sustainably.

A Simple Switch to Proof Eyewear is a switch to protecting the environment, sustainability, health and wellness, and education.

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