Who Gives a Crap

Why your Simple Switch to Who Gives a Crap matters...
Much of the toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues that you'll find in stores uses first-use paper. This means that trees are specifically cut down for hygiene products that are used once and then thrown away. Who Gives a Crap realized that this practice would not be sustainable long term. That's why Who Gives a Crap uses environmentally friendly materials like recycled paper and fast growing bamboo. They have even made the move away from plastic packaging to ensure that their products completely biodegrade.
It doesn't stop there. Who Gives a Crap was actually started because their founders learned that almost 40% of the world's population don't have regular access to toilets. This impacts both the environment and public health. Who Gives a Crap therefore decided to donate 50% of their profits to projects and organizations that implement high impact sanitation projects.ย 
Your Simple Switchย to Who Gives a Crap is a vote for sustainability and public health for those without access to toilets.
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