Simple Switch is looking for creative, driven, and enthusiastic new partners to join our global network of changers and innovators. By becoming an Impact Ambassador, you can make money for talking about the products you love, all while making the world a better place. You just need a blog or social media profile to get started! 













Founded in 2018, our B Corp & Climate Neutral certified store has grown into a network of over 50 impactful suppliers from across the globe – selling more than 3,000 products ranging from practical everyday items like toilet paper and coffee to luxury gifts like jewelry and fine home goods. Each of these products make a social or environmental impact, such as reforestation, orphan care, fighting against human trafficking, and more. We’re choosy with our product partners, subjecting them all to a rigorous vetting process, so you can rest-easy knowing that your purchase has made a genuine difference for the planet and the people on it. Simple Switch is your ethical, one-stop shop for everything you need!

We’re excited to announce our brand-new affiliate program, giving affiliate marketers the chance to help us create a more conscious and equitable future, all while making an income. Using our referral links, you’ll earn a commission from every sale. We care about our affiliates, so along with the 10% base commission you'll make on any purchase you facilitate, affiliates who consistently share our products and mission will gain access to higher commission rates, free products to try at home, and other unique perks. There are no minimum or maximum purchase amounts, so while our average order value is around $70, if you're promoting product bundles with a higher value, you have the potential to make much more. (This is easy to do on our site, since we sell such a wide range of products.)

600 Billion was spent online in the US in 2020, and we believe that by shifting some of that spending to mission driven companies with positive social and environmental impact, we can solve some of the world's biggest problems just using consumer power. The voices of our affiliates (you!) help us make this systemic change, and introduce new customers to the way their online shopping can make a difference. By partnering with Simple Switch, you're not only making a profit through your links, but also creating real change. Sign up and get started here or email us at for more information.