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kids enjoying K.O. Ecolife eco-friendly products



K.O. “Knock-Out” Ecolife (‘Fighting For A Greener Planet’) is inspired by green-living with a gut-wrenching desire to make a difference. We provide healthy lifestyle tips and create fun and functional products with THE POWCH!TM (a reusable food and drink pouch/bottle/container) as our debut product. THE POWCH!TM, created by Founder, Karen Orlich (a mom, athlete, and green living advocate), was originally developed to provide a reusable solution to the 2.5 BILLION disposable food pouches that go in to landfill EVERY year! However, customer uses now include: collapsible drink bottle, toiletry container, condiment dispenser, hot/cold compress, dog treat holder, and MORE.

Proudly ‘Made in USA’ using recyclable, eco-friendly materials, and environmentally friendly processes, we "Give Back" to charity with every purchase! We are a Green America certified; women owned business and recently became a Climate Reality Leadership Corps member. We believe small actions can make a BIG impact. Our goal is to build an international community to inspire and motivate others in “Fighting For A Greener Planet” together! Please join us @koecolife!!


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