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A refugee can be defined as a person who has been forced to leave their country to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster. Over half of the unprecedented 30 million refugees worldwide are under the age of 18. With the increasing number of climate refugees, it is becoming more important than ever to support this vulnerable population.


What is it?


refugee holding a Thai passport

 When a company or business supports refugees, they provide aid in the form of monetary donations to an organization focused on this issue using a portion of their profits, donating supplies to refugees who need them, volunteering with an organization, or in any other way that benefits the cause. 68 percent of refugees come from five countries: Syria, Venezuela, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Myanmar. The UN originally began providing aid to those who became refugees when they escaped Europe during World War II. Climate crisis refugees have become more and more common as natural disasters and byproducts of climate change of increased in intensity and regularity over the past few decades. However, the refugees are not always classified as such due to slow-building crisis like sea-level rise.



Why does it matter?



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It is absolutely imperative that private companies and businesses support refugees, especially when they are not properly recognized as such by governmental organizations. These organizations are only able to truly support a small fraction of these refugees, and it is up to private entities to pick up the slack. These efforts will help those in need to be able to cover their basic needs and possibly provide an opportunity for a long-term solution. The problem of where to locate refugees has been a constant problem throughout the last century. Rather than arguing over where this population should go, we should focus on how we can help these individuals until a sustainable solution can be formed and enacted. Consumers are able to contribute to this effort by consciously purchasing products from companies and business who support refugees. We vote with our wallets every day, so we might as well put our money where our values are and contribute to positive global change.

Your “Simple Switch” to products that support refugees is important because it is an easy way to help people in a time of need.


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