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Refugee workers empowered through Vickery Trading Company




Our Mission 

At Vickery Trading Co, we take a unique approach to fashion. Our mission is to equip refugee women for long-term success through vocational training, personal development and fair wages while creating high-quality clothing and accessories for our customers. 

Our History 

Vickery Trading Co. was founded after founder Stephanie Giddens’ planned move to East Africa in 2013 fell through. She and her husband planned to start a social enterprise in Rwanda, but when plans changed, Stephanie realized that many of the same needs could be addressed among refugee women in the Dallas area through social enterprise. This became Vickery Trading Company, a holistic job-training program that offers a multitude of programs to help refugee women thrive in their new home. 

Our Program 

During a 21-month training program, our Associates learn to sew using professional techniques and machines. Associates also learn American workplace expectations, such as conduct and appearance. They are well-prepared for professional-level seamstress positions upon graduation. While in training, Associates manufacture clothes and accessories sold to the public online and at local events. 
Associates participate in a daily one-hour educational and personal development classes including subjects such as English, reading, handwriting, computer literacy, typing, and financial literacy. VTC also provides job readiness training that includes resume preparation and mock interviews, enabling Associates to graduate from our program equipped for future successes. 
Associates earn fair wages ($9 per hour) while in the program and usually earn between $12-15 per hour in post-graduation employment. Before training, Associates have very limited if any earning capacity. After graduation, economic mobility is possible, building a bright future for our graduates and their families. 

Our Clothing 

Each VTC design is named after one of our Associates and is created with kids and moms in mind. Their comfy fit and soft fabrics are kid-friendly, while their quality craftsmanship and easy care make them a favorite among moms. Our fabrics are OEKO-TEX certified and free of harmful dyes and substances. We only source materials from companies that are practicing fair labor standards, giving you peace of mind about supporting human dignity around the globe.


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