Zero-Waste Kitchen: 10 Delicious Vegan Spring Recipes


Believe it or not, spring is around the corner. In less than 20 days, we get to trade 5 o’clock sunsets and wool scarves for whistling birds and warm afternoons. All this talk of warmth and sunshine has got us dreaming about new ways to ring in the season, most of which are mouth-wateringly delicious. We’re talkin’ Spring recipes! In our previous article, we discussed the extreme importance of shopping for local, seasonal produce for both your health and the planets. 

But here’s where it's common to feel stuck: You’ve come home with armloads of seasonal produce and a proud smile. You did it! You bought in-season from a local farmer! Way to go! So… Now what? Shopping in season is one thing, but cooking is another. If you’re not used to curating seasonal dishes, it might seem like too much work to stray from your favorite year-round recipes.

Fear not: we’ve curated a list of our 10 favorite vegan spring recipes for 2020With these simple, affordable and healthy dishes, you’ll have a blast using your fresh asparagus, sweet strawberries, and ruby red tomatoes. If you're not vegan, we still suggest you give these recipes a try; Their vegan-ness is subtle and can be easily enjoyed by any food lover. So put on that apron and get in the kitchen: it's time to show spring what you're made of!!



Vegan Mushroom Asparagus Quiche Tarts with Red Pepper Relish


Vegan Mushroom Asparagus Quiche Tarts with Red Pepper Relish 

Prep time: 25 min
Cook Time: 40 min

These tiny tarts are simply tantalizing. With a handmade crust from 4 simple ingredients and a creamy filling, you can’t go wrong exploring the world of mini mushroom-stuffed quiches! Throw some fresh kale in the mix for an extra seasonal punch.


fresh spring green salad with asparagus, garlic, radishes, and peas


Bright Spring Green Salad

This beautiful salad oozes Springtime. Ripe with fresh asparagus, garlic, radishes, peas, and delicious greens, this bowl makes a wonderful starter or a great side dish to the main course. It's simple, affordable, and a major crowd-pleaser. 


strawberry spinach salad with onions, nuts, and balsamic dressing



Strawberry Spinach Salad

Prep time: 15 min

Nothing says Spring like this classic greens combo. Strawberries, greens, and nuts are the real trifecta. Top it off with the simple and sweet balsamic dressing, and you have yourself a perfect side for dinner on the patio! If you’re vegan, sub the feta cheese for vegan cheese, avocado, or something else you love! 


a stack of Vegan Zucchini Fritters with Garlic and Dill


Vegan Zucchini Fritters with Garlic and Dill 

Prep time: 40 mins
Cook Time: 10 mins

Three letters: Y.U.M. These look incredibly tasty and have excellent reviews! In other words, they’re a surefire hit. The breaded zucchini, dill, and garlic patties are lightly fried in oil and dipped into a zesty cashew paste. Make sure you remember the recipe because your guests will be looking to take it home!



hands holding a bowl of Fresh Tomato Risotto with Grilled Greens


Fresh Tomato Risotto with Grilled Greens

Prep time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 45 mins-1 hour

There are three keys parts to this meal: Creamy risotto with dry white wine, fresh grilled seasonal vegetables, and an empty stomach with which to devour it all. 
This is a simple, healthy dinner that vegans and non-vegans alike can love. It's hearty, hot, and chalked full of the season's finest produce. We think you're in for a treat!


a plate of Lemongrass Curry Spaghetti Squash


Lemongrass Curry Spaghetti Squash 

Prep Time: 20 mins
Cook Time: 15 mins

Talk about a delicious combination. This recipe has our tummies grumbling! It's got tons of flavor and is exploding with awesome ingredients like garlic, coconut aminos, ginger, green curry paste, and fresh lemongrass. Plus, spaghetti squash is a healthy and delicious substitute for pasta noodles. Try this one out on a rainy day and feel instantly comforted! 


a bowl of Green Dairy-Free Mac and Cheese


Green Dairy-Free Mac and Cheese

Prep Time: 5 mins
Cook Time:
 30 mins

This is no boxed Kraft Dinner from the back of your pantry. This is a creamy, thick, hearty, and surprisingly healthy version of a favorite childhood snack. It's packed with potatoes, cauliflower, and spinach.
Comforting, simple, and affordable, Mac and Cheese is an absolute classic that must never be underestimated. 


a rectangular dish of Teriyaki Tofu-Tempeh Casserole


Teriyaki Tofu-Tempeh Casserole 

Prep Time: 15 mins
Cook Time: 40 mins

This vegan take on a classic family-style dish is much needed. It's healthy as can be, yet teeming with sweet teriyaki flavor. Your tastebuds will be begging for more! Try it for a hit your next family meal night!


Curry and Coconut Potatoes With Cashews and Peas


Curry and Coconut Potatoes With Cashews and Peas 

Prep Time: 10 mins
Cook Time: 45 mins



Isn't it nice to be excited about a meal? This recipe will have you jumping up and down for dinner! It's easy to make, affordable, and tasty. Plus, it's got delicious Indian spices, fresh herbs and tomatoes, and a creamy coconut base to tie it all together. 


Strawberry and Elderflower Scone Cake with whipped cream


Strawberry and Elderflower Scone Cake 

Prep Time: 10 Mins
Bake Time: 
30 mins

A scone... cake? That surprised us, too. This recipe truly is the best of both worlds. The light, fluffy layers of scone pair wonderfully with the coconut whip cream. Topped off with seasonal strawberries and elderflowers, it's a real springtime treat. As the warmer months approach, make sure you give it a try! 

There you have it, folks! 

Which recipe will you try?