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The products included in this collection directly empower and lift up their makers.

Some amazing examples are...

🪵Formr - Thoughtfully designed furniture providing a second chance to formerly incarcerated individuals and construction debris.

☕Goldberry Roasting Company - Partners with their sister company, Coffee Growing Community - a non-profit organization - to combine free-market economic initiatives with spiritual and social development that helps coffee-farming families and their communities enjoy a more abundant life. 

🐝Zambeezi - Provides Zambian farmers a fair & living wage, while also using their profits to benefit African communities, by partnering with local churches to build schools, clinics, drilling wells, and other projects that serve needs they identify.

♀️ The TAYO Collective -  A creative community that exists to empower women formerly trapped in the sex trade in the Philippines to develop products, services, and life skills to launch them into a dignified career.


Empowerment Through Employment

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