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Simple Switch

We are a cause-driven platform that brings all of your favorite items to one place.

Shopping for hygiene products, home decor, clothing, accessories, and anything else on your list has never been easier.

Feel good about the purchases you are making.

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I tried to place an order with Simple Switch but, at checkout, found the shipping charges to be prohibitive. I contacted the company and got a response right away. They promised to look into the problem. Then I got a response saying the problem had been fixed and to try ordering again. I did and it all worked fine, with very reasonable shipping costs! Thank you, Simple Switch, for responding so quickly and efficiently!

Prue M.


This site is everything that an e-commerce platform should be. It is exactly how online shopping should be. It's as easy as Amazon with the benefits of conscious buying to support empowerment, sustainability, and intentionality. I've gotten a handful of products from various vendors, and I can't wait to order more!

Allison C.


This site is great. It is full of practical products and I love this impact I can make by a few clicks on products that I already needed.

Thad G.


This site has so many items that my friends and family will LOVE this Christmas. I'm not normally a huge gift giver because sometimes it feels pointless when the person you're purchasing seems to have it all. But knowing that each of these items has it's own purpose and gift back to someone else makes all the difference. I'm relieved at this wonderful option of purchasing!

Corrie B.


This site is so easy to navigate! It has a beautiful layout and design & is perfect for shopping around. Also, I love how each vendor has their own story & how we are able to read about it before purchasing from them!