Freedom Business exists to create employment opportunities for survivors of human trafficking and those at risk.

Understanding Freedom Business starts with understanding human trafficking. Today, 50 million people around the world are victims of human trafficking, also known as modern slavery. Human trafficking is the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons, by means of threat, use of force, or other forms of coercion. Their end goal is labor exploitation – forced labor and sex trafficking.

The vulnerabilities of survivors do not disappear once they have exited their exploitative situation. The factors that made them vulnerable in the first place, such as a lack of education, job training, or employment opportunities, still exist.

These businesses create a healing-centered workplace intentionally designed to support the healing journey of survivors and contribute to their holistic development.

As an industry facilitator for Freedom Business, FBA removes the many barriers to growth and scale that no single business can address on its own. They connect the many players in the Freedom Business ecosystem, coordinate collective action, and set standards across the movement.

We look for Freedom Business Alliance Certification as one of our Simple Switch Impacts because

We support freedom from human trafficking, slavery and poverty through a self-sustaining job. FBA Certified businesses empower survivors and prioritize reducing their risk of being trafficked or enslaved again.

We're passionate about transparency surrounding the impact of the products we sell. You can find a full list of the impacts we look for here, or browse in our "SHOP BY IMPACT" menu. If you have questions about the impact behind our products, don't hesitate to reach out!