How Exactly Do My Purchases Make An Impact?

In 2018, United States consumers spent $513.61 BILLION dollars online. We spend this money on things we need, things we want, and gifts for loved ones. Unfortunately, much of this money is put towards companies who have put very little thought into the social and environmental impact of their supply chain, many who are exploring people and the planet for profit.

Imagine if even just a small percentage of those BILLIONS of dollars created POSITIVE impact instead. We see each dollar still working to get consumers what they need and want, but also reforesting under developed nations, empowering the underemployed, protecting our national parks, and so much more. THAT is the power of "Positive Impact Purchasing", and that is what happens every time you make a purchase with Simple Switch. 

How Does Simple Switch Find Its Partners?

We get this question all the time, and it's a great one! One of the biggest values we provide to our customers is the ability to shop with confidence without needing to do so much research. It's important to us that you can feel confident in the partners we've chosen. 

Unlike some collections of ethical products, our partners span a wide range of impacts varying from environmental innovations to support of global development projects. This means that we don't require our partners to hold a certain certification, one size does not fit all. Every partner we work with has to have third party confirmation of the positive impact in their field to ensure best practices. We make sure to let you know in the product descriptions what kind of impact you're making, and why it's important.

We sometimes discover our partners through awesome certifications and communities like B Corp or Fair Trade. Sometimes great partners reach out to us wanting to get involved! We also often find our partners through customers just like you! You can suggest a partner here.

What Else Can I Do?

We are so lucky to have customers who care deeply about our planet and the people on it, and we're determined to be not only a marketplace, but a place where you can engage deeply and learn more about how your purchasing makes an impact.

Donate to Grow Our Impact
If you are especially passionate about business as a force for good, and would like to help us grow our impact at an even greater scale, you can give a financial gift of any size here. All of this money will be directly used to scale the company and increase our impact worldwide.

Listen to the Podcast
This summer we launched a podcast all about positive impact purchasing. The episodes include interviews with our world-changing partner brands, as well as episodes explaining key words surrounding conscious consumerism that can sometimes be confusing. If you have a suggestion for a podcast episode, contact us on social media or at hello@simpleswitch.org

Join the Facebook Group
As you get more involved as a conscious consumer who's using your purchasing power for good, it can be really helpful to have people to support your efforts, both in person and online. For this reason we provide the Positive Purchasers Collective: By Simple Switch, a community where you can discuss your changes with others trying to make similar impact. Bring your questions and your expertise to others on the same journey here.

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How Does Shipping Work?

If you buy multiple products from Simple Switch, you’ll be receiving a few different packages, and you may pay additional shipping costs per partner. We don’t warehouse our products, to keep your costs down and reduce the time your products spend on the road, so each product will come directly from our partners to you!
Pro Tip #1: Any purchase over $200 qualifies you for FREE shipping, so bundling your toilet paper, new outfit and a snack can save you a bunch.
Pro Tip #2: If you buy all your products from one partner, you’ll save on shipping and only receive one package!

How long does shipping take?
Our partners generally stick to shipping times between 5-7 days. If you have any questions about your shipping time, email hello@simpleswitch.org

Why don't you offer expedited shipping?
We don’t offer expedited shipping because slower consolidated shipping practices can help significantly reduce carbon emissions by putting less trucks on the road. By keeping to non-rushed shipping, we’re able to have less of a carbon footprint than many brick and mortar stores! Check out this video from Vox about the environmental cost of free 2-day shipping


Can I return items for a refund?

Yes! We only sell products we think you’ll love, but sometimes things aren’t what you expect! If you need to make a return, you can do so for a full product refund anytime in the first 30 days. 

*Products must be in their original condition. We cannot accept food and hygiene products, and refund will not include the shipping charge for sending the item to you, or the return shipping cost.


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