Fair trade is a global movement made up of a diverse network of producers, companies, consumers, advocates, and organizations putting people and planet first. Based on the simple idea that the products bought and sold every day are connected to the livelihoods of others, fair trade is a way to make a conscious choice for a better world.

When you see the Fair Trade Certified label on a product, you can trust that it was made according to rigorous standards that protect the livelihoods of farmers, fishers, and other producer communities and the environment.

  • Guaranteed minimum price that acts as a safety net for coffee farmers and producers when the market prices are low
  • Rigorous Fair Trade Certified standards ensure safe and healthy working conditions, the elimination of forced/child labor, fair and consistent compensation, and environmental protections and product traceability
  • Producer communities receive additional compensation through Community Development Funds

We look for Fair Trade Certified as one of our Simple Switch Impacts because

We support positive sustainable development and corporate social responsibility through fair and honest partnerships across the globe.

We're passionate about transparency surrounding the impact of the products we sell. You can find a full list of the impacts we look for here, or browse in our "SHOP BY IMPACT" menu. If you have questions about the impact behind our products, don't hesitate to reach out!