Climate Neutral is a nonprofit organization working to eliminate carbon emissions. They believe consumers and brands must work together to drive the world toward the net-zero future that science tells us we urgently need.

To become Climate Neutral Certified, a company must show that it is working to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from making and delivering its products and services - and compensates for all of them, every year. Their goals are:

  • To eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by creating the world's most recognized and trusted climate label, paired with accessible, action-focused tools and resources.
  • For all individuals to realize they can use their purchasing power against climate change, and all brands have the tools to be climate neutral.
  • Reduce one billion tonnes by 2030.

We look for Climate Neutral Certified as one of our Simple Switch Impacts because

Simple Switch is also certified Climate Neutral Certified. We love the community Climate Neutral provides for businesses committed to making a difference.

We're passionate about transparency surrounding the impact of the products we sell. You can find a full list of the impacts we look for here, or browse in our "SHOP BY IMPACT" menu. If you have questions about the impact behind our products, don't hesitate to reach out!