What does your switch to Fazl Socks products mean?

Your purchase of a pair of socks, hat, or bag from Fazl Socks goes a long ways. By making the Simple Switch to Fazl Socks, you are helping to provide meaningful work and fair wages to women in India who make their goods. All of Fazl Socks' goods are handmade by women in need of stable incomes.  

That's just the start though. Fazl also dedicates 50% of the profits from your purchase to children's homes in India that care for vulnerable children. Last but not least, they use upcycled materials in some of their products. This means that waste materials are cleaned and reused to keep them out of landfills. Upcycling saves energy, reduces waste, and can produce really attractive and innovative goods.

Your Simple Switch¬†ÔĽŅto Fazl Socks is a switch for sustainability, a switch for opportunities for children, and a switch for fair wages. Check out their amazing products below!