Why your Simple Switch to Hepz matters…

You are probably reading this because you were drawn here by Hepz’s incredibly vibrant and unique inventory on Simple Switch. Your switch to Hepz products will leave you with clothing that is hard to find but makes your wardrobe explode with color and design. Hepz fabrics are sourced intentionally from Cambodian markets to create the unique apparel they have in stock.

Cambodia is core to the mission of Hepz. Hepz employs female tailors who are often supporting large families, early widows, and/or unable to do the physical labor typically demanded of women in the area. Hepz offers an opportunity for women to earn fair wages while demonstrating their talents. Rest assured that your purchase from Hepz offers women an opportunity to advance their own skills and support the ones who rely on them the most. By supporting the women who make Hepz clothing, you offer the chance to end cycles of poverty in the region that have been exacerbated by war and subsequent economic struggles. 

A Simple Switch to Hepz is a switch toward women’s empowerment and a switch to fair wages.

Find their amazing apparel below and checkback for new inventory!

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