Pals Socks

Why your Simple Switch to Pals Socks matters…

Pals Socks provides a funny way to dress your (and your kid’s) feet while making a positive, Simple Switch. Pals Socks are themed, mismatched, entertaining socks with animals, monsters, and other characters adorning the feet. The mismatch allows Pals Socks to take the fun sock trend to the next level! Oh, and they are very comfortable.

Every purchase from Pals Socks affects a wide range of charities. First, they partner with Cradles to Crayons to provide socks to low income youth. In 2018, Pals Socks donated over 10,000 pairs of socks to Cradles to Crayons. Pal Socks also puts on regular FUNdraisers where 50% of every sale goes to community organizations and schools selected by parents and nonprofit staff.

Your Simple Switch to Pals Socks is a switch to opportunities for children.

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