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Why your Simple Switch to Soapbox Soaps matters…

You will be happy you made the Simple Switch to Soapbox Soaps. Their all natural soaps, hair care, and bath bombs will leave you smelling and feeling good. Soapbox Soaps are vegan friendly, natural, and avoid some of the chemicals used in many other soaps as preservatives.  Soapbox is one of our more popular Simple Switches for a reason! Your switch to Soapbox Soaps also goes a lot further than healthy self-care.

For every Soapbox product bought, someone in need receives soap. Hygiene is essential to good health and one of the most commonly requested items at homeless shelters in the US is soap. That is why Soapbox works with organizations around the US to provide a bar of soap for every product sold. There is more too! Soapbox also works with organizations around the world to provide soaps and education to places like orphanages, schools, and medical facilities. Rather than shipping soaps internationally, Soapbox works with local organizations to purchase and distribute soap, educate local people on soap making, and even recycle hotel soap bars that clog landfills. As if that was not enough, they also support research on how sanitation and hygiene affect the spread of disease.

Your Simple Switch to Soapbox Soaps is a switch to sustainability, health and wellness, and education.

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