Unite to Light

Why your Simple Switch to Unite to Light mattersā€¦

Use the power of the sun to charge your phone or read at night! Unite to Light makes solar powered products that do not need to rely on the grid to provide electricity. Whether you are camping, setting up an emergency kit, or just want to use a bit less electricity, Unite to Light can help you become less dependent on non-renewable electricity.

Your switch to Unite to Light is not just a purchase though! Unite to Light has a buy one, give one program that sends a solar battery pack or light to someone in need for each purchase. So far they have distributedĀ over 100,000 lights to people in need around the world. Your purchase helps to provide light and electricity to people who may not otherwise have it!

Your Simple Switch to Unite to Light is a switch to sustainability and a switch to access to services.

Check out the rechargeable battery pack and Luke Light by Unite to Light below!