Women's Bean Project

Why your Simple Switch to Women’s Bean Project matters…
Your Simple Switch to Women’s Bean Project is a switch to empower women. Women’s Bean Project’s delicious soups, spices, baked goods, and other meals are made by women who have experienced chronic unemployment. Women’s Bean Project provides excellent employment opportunities through an intensive 6-9 month program where participants gain vocational and life skills, access to mentorship, and of course, a paid position. The goal is to provide the stepping stones for women with barriers to employment become self-sufficient and "enter the economic mainstream". All of this "addresses chronic unemployment, recidivism, welfare dependency and a host of other challenges. They have been doing this amazing work as a social enterprise since 1989.
If you have not tried Women’s Bean Project products yet, you should! Their recipes are delicious and taste even better knowing that the profits go to a good cause. Women’s Bean Project foods are made and packaged right in downtown Denver, Colorado.