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72 million primary education age children around the world do not have access to education, and 759 million adults are illiterate. These uneducated children are more likely to be girls and children who are growing up in developing countries.


What is it?


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When a product is tagged to show that it supports education, this means that a portion of the profits goes towards initiatives and organizations that improve life in the classroom, as well as, keep kids in the classroom. For example, The Good Pencil Company donates a pencil to schools in need for every pencil purchased. This helps students have access to the tools they need to succeed. Unite to Light gives students lights so that they can do their homework, study, and pass the required exam to continue education after the fifth grade. In addition to donating a portion of their profits to two other organizations, Jelt donates to the Thrive to support parents, empower children, and strengthen families.



Why does it matter?



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Whether it is supplying those without electricity with solar-powered light or donating pencils to schools in need, businesses that support education provide adults and children alike with tools to help them succeed in ways that they might not have otherwise been able to do. Girls and kids in low-income families are more likely to drop out of school, so businesses that support education also support the continued education of these vulnerable populations.

Your “Simple Switch” to products that businesses who support education is important because their generosity can give these children a chance at getting the education every human being deserves.




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