GOEX model in their fair-trade Oxford fleece



GOEX Apparel 


Our story began in 2010 in Gulu, Uganda with a woman named Lucy. Lucy had a sewing center, but no work. Our parent organization, The Global Orphan Project, sought to help by partnering with her on sewing school uniforms for children in her community. This work gave Lucy dignity, provided for her family, and changed their stories from charity to empowerment. 


Lucy, the Ugandan seamstress who inspired GOEX apparel


We are proud to say GOEX is one of the elite few who have passed the Fair Trade Federation’s (FTF) rigorous screening! We are dedicated to following the nine FTF principles established to maintain integrity. After costs to sustainably produce premium eco-friendly apparel and provide living wage jobs, all GOEX profit — every bit of it — goes to fund projects set in motion by The Global Orphan Project. 

We use a simple tee to connect the customer and the worker. Your GOEX purchase employs skilled apparel makers who cut and sew premium fabric at a manufacturing facility in Haiti. You support employees at our screen printing and distribution center in the heart of Kansas City. These jobs enable employees to care for their own families through dignified work and we have an open door policy. When you visit either facility, you’re encouraged to talk with employees and get a better understanding of how we support the people who make your clothes. Transparency is only one of the ways we seek to do better in everything we do. 


infographic of GOEX tee and fair-trade practices


Each garment is sustainably made of USA fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail. In 2020, we introduced buttons, labels, drawcords, twill tape and packaging made from recycled plastic. We also introduced a line of garments created from remnant fabric diverting waste from landfills – our ladies rib tee, rib tank and rib cardigan are all created from scrap fabric! In 2021, we added zippers to the assortment of components using recycled plastics. We will also continue to expand our assortment of garments made of eco-triblend fabric diverting more plastic from landfills. And we are reusing boxes that originate in Haiti! Be sure to look for a sticker indicating your box is on its second journey!

Our continued efforts to do good is what differentiates us from most apparel companies. Over the past decade, our core story has remained the same – we exist to create and sustain fair wage jobs that empower employees to care for their families. We are shameless in asking others – for-profit and nonprofit alike – to join us in this cause!  You have the ability to change lives through a simple purchase decision. Perhaps most importantly, your partnership sets an example in the marketplace that ethical commerce can affect systemic change through the dignity of work. Feel good. Do good. Go with GOEX. 


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