Available Internships for Summer 2021 include...

Merchandising + Retail Curation

Social Media Marketing + Engagement

Email Marketing + Strategy

Start Up Growth Projects


 Interested applicants should send resume and a cover letter that reflects your passions and experience to by April 30, 2021. (Earlier applications will receive preference, as we may hire on a rolling basis.)



Why choose Simple Switch? We're a BCorp and Climate Neutral Certified start up, passionate about making social and environmental impact. Out of all the internships you may want, Start Up and Impact Companies are both in the top 10. Here's why...

"One of the great complaints of an intern is that he or she doesn’t actually get to contribute to a company. Interning at a startup, especially an early age startup, is a great opportunity to make an impact. At a startup, there is often more work to be done than people to do it, which leaves a great chance for you to do important work. Make your mark early and remember that startups hire quickly, too."

"While your friends interning or co-oping at big companies might be making a lot of money, you’ll be able to make a lot of difference in what will probably be a small team of overworked people who will be glad to have fresh energy and enthusiasm."


A note on accessibility. 
Our entire company, including the CEO, are currently unpaid "volunteers." Because we recognize the challenges around unpaid internships for low income applicants, we very specifically try to structure our internships so that they can be flexible around other paid opportunities and general responsibilities. If you'd like to apply, but have concerns about any roadblocks in the way, let's work through those. Email us at