There are still heatlhcare workers who still do not have access to reliable electricity. One of our positive impact partners, Unite to Light, attempts to remedy this by donating a solar-powered light to a healthcare worker in need with every purchase of a product.


What is it?


When a company supports healthcare workers, they may choose to do so in a number of ways. They may donate a portion of their profits to organizations that support healthcare workers or make a direct donation to these valuable workers themselves. They may volunteer their time to work with an organization associated with this cause or many other ways. Unite to Light donates one of their lights when a consumer purchases one of their products. 


Why does it matter?


Healthcare workers play a major role in making sure everyone is happy and healthy. In the light of the coronavirus pandemic, these vital workers have proven just how impactful this role is. To support healthcare workers is to support each other. They are the ones who make sure that limit the amount of people who succumb to a particularly deadly virus or keep a skin infection from leading to an amputated limb. Healthcare is one of those things that we do not notice unless it is not working properly. These silent heroes work day in and day out to ensure everyone’s collective health is maintained. 


It is important for consumers to support healthcare workers because even heroes need help sometimes. A purchase from a companies who supports these workers may mean the difference between life and death, especially when resources to do their jobs are in question. Something as basic as reliable light can do a world of good. It is more important still for consumers to support companies who in turn are involved in this cause because it incentivizes current and prospective companies to do so.


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