A Word From a Simple Switch Intern

A Word From a Simple Switch Intern

I’m Amar! I have a heart for building community and empowering others within tech! 

I was brought onto the Simple Switch team earlier this summer in May. It has been a privilege working with other interns and building for Simple Switch.

Rachel, CEO of Simple Switch, is an incredible leader and mentor. While working hard on Simple Switch she constantly is finding meaningful ways to steer us towards the vision. This trait is so rare in young entrepreneurs that it was phenomenal to have Rachel as a source of accountability and joy.

A typical week for me as an intern varies because each week there is always something new to work on!  Being in an early stage of a startup is fast-paced and refreshing as I was constantly challenged to wear a different hat when approaching a weekly task. 

I begin a week by assessing the current technical progress of all the projects. In order to do this, we have a company standup where all the team provides project updates. This is a great opportunity to learn about ways we can pursue projects that help support other teams and learn about ways to become more efficient.

My largest undertaking as an intern was the site redesign and structure. I wanted to enhance the shopping experience for those that visited the Simple Switch marketplace and felt that I could diversify the product offerings also. I also hope to continue building a few magical features to make Simple Switch even better, but you will just have to wait until that's released! 

While I was engineering as an intern I had to creatively problem solve debugging issues for the website, network with other developers, and find ways to grow my own coding aptitude. I used Python, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and a TON of Stack Overflow.

I highly recommend considering the developer internship at Simple Switch because it allows anyone with an interest in e-commerce/web development to learn more about those areas and gain experience during the internship program. While challenging you to think more consciously about environmental issues and global economies. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you get to see more from Simple Switch, it is growing and innovating quickly! 

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